Analeigh Christian Tipton was born in November 9, 1988, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Is a figure skater, actress and fashion model, most knowed for placing third on Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model. When Analeigh was 8, she moved to Sacramento, California, where she later attended St. Francis High School and the New York Film Academy’s Film School program at Universal Studios, Los Angeles. She also studied film at Marymount College in Palos Verdes, California. At the moment, she is living in Los Angeles and attending castings. Read More?
Analeigh as... Lily
Status: Filming
Type: Movie
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Analeigh as... Jessica Riley
Status: Premieres in 2011
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Analeigh as... Anna Lee
Status: Premieres in 2011
Type: Movie
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Yes, thats right! Analeigh emailed the site with some cool exclusive pictures and commented in out chatbox! She said some really amazing things, like: "think it’s awesome and again, I can’t thank you enough. ". And yes, we have the proof that is the real analeigh. Unforunately i can't explain you guys how, but it's the real one and you can be sure :) Discover more here .

If you have some pictures of Analeigh that we don't have in our gallery, just send an email to . Also say your name and we will credit you when posting the image in your site :D
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Posted by BeatrizReis, 09 January 2011 | Category

Wait for new looks

We won’t update for a while because we are posting new looks on the site : D



Posted by BeatrizReis, 29 December 2010 | Category

Maxim Behind the Shoot

I’ve updated the video archive with a movie about the behind the scenes of the Maxim photoshoot, check it:

It also came out the first image from ‘Crazy Stupid Love’. Unfortunately, Analeigh is not in it, but we hope new images will come soon :)



Posted by BeatrizReis, 24 December 2010 | Category

Merry Christmas :D

I’ve been on a trip with my family so i’ve been able to post or update the site. But, of course, I would never forget to give you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year : ) Keep visiting, following and loving Analeigh!



Posted by BeatrizReis, 19 December 2010 | Category

New Maxim photos + Media

Hello again! Soon a new look and networks, just because of 2011 ;D Also, 4 more followers in twitter and i will open the facebook! I’ve added 3 pictures from the Maxim photoshoot to our gallery, see it:


I’ve also added some new icons and signatures. Check the icons here and the signatures here:



Posted by BeatrizReis, 13 December 2010 | Category

Photos Update

Hi boys and girls :) I’m here to make a photo update! I’ve added some pics to our gallery, and i think you should check them. Most of them are in HQ, but when you open that they don’t look so. But, if you save them into your computer, you will see that they are huge and in High Quality. Also, we have 16 followers in twitter. 4 more and we will open the facebook community!

4x Posed Magazine – HQ

1x HOA Sweet Charity – Sweet Charity After-Party – HQ

1x The Green Hornet Set

17x Heart of America Sweet Charity – HQ

5x Screening “I Love You Phillip Morris” (more soon)



Posted by BeatrizReis, 11 December 2010 | Category

Maxim – January 2011

My tests are finally over and i’m almost at vacations, so i will update much more now! I also want to announce a new blog that supports analeigh, The blog said some really pretty things about the site and is truly amazing, so check it out!
I now want to announce that Analeigh is in the issue of January of Maxim! She looks fantastic, and her answer were hilarious! You should check here (also the images are HQ, but they don’t look like when you are opening them. But if you save them to your computer you will see they are!):

Also, in the beggining of January we will have new looks celebrating the 2011! Keep visiting and follow the twitter.



Posted by BeatrizReis, 05 December 2010 | Category

New America’s Next Top Model Videos!

Hi People : ) Sorry for the lack of updates, but as you know School is more important and i have been studying. But my exams end up this week, so after that we will have a lot of surprises like more captures, media, videos, networks. Weel i took the all weekend working in the video archive and i’ve added more than 30 videos, one from the 1st episode of ANTM and all th others are bonus scenes from all episodes. So check then all and soon you will have the captures of them in our gallery!



Posted by BeatrizReis, 24 November 2010 | Category

New Icons!

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve searched for news related to Analeigh’s upcoming project but nothing until now. Also, i’m opening the facebook of the site, but i need to have 20 followers on twitter for that :b Well, anyway, 4 people donated 35 amazing new icons for the icon archive (for those who don’t know, the icons are for you to use on forums and msn). So check a preview and go here to see the rest:



Posted by BeatrizReis, 19 November 2010 | Category

New Twitter Theme

Hello! First of all, thank you so much, we are having so many hits and views on the gallery. So i made a special new twitter theme ust for you guys, enjoy and follow us : )



Posted by BeatrizReis, 18 November 2010 | Category


I’m glad, happy and MORE THAN SHOCKED to annouce that analeigh contact the site!
At first, she puted a message in our chatbox, saying

hey. this is awesome. I’m sending it to my manager. Thanks! This is literally like the coolest fanpage I could hope for. I can’t thank you for you wonderful support enough. Peace–Analeigh.

And after that, she emailed me with some awesome and exclusives pictures of her and her works! You can see her email here:

“Here’s some pics for the site if you like ‘em. I have a few pictures of some sketches I did–the baby is of my god daughter, Taytum who passed away recently, very sadly. And what else did I include, hm–some pictures of me just hanging out I think, one in my trailer of Crazy Stupid Love with my roommate, Mia. And another of me, my best friend and my roommate all jumping in my loft. One with cake in my face on my 21st birthday last year…well anyhow. Enjoy. If you’d like more, just let me know. I think it’s awesome and again, I can’t thank you enough.


ps. this email, obviously, is private. PLEASE do not give it out in anyway shape or form…I know you know that and I trust that you’re awesome. Thanks smile”

The 11 images are more than amazing, and you should totally check them, also because is the only way of seeing them you will ever have!

Also, don’t ask for her email. Is private and i won’t give it to anyway that may use it in bad ways. Thank you.



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